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36 Inch Knitting Sweater Flat Knitting Machine

Digital technology is used to realize the knitting function of flat knitting machine, such as turning needle, hanging object, picking hole, jacquard, bright needle and other regular pattern. Weft knitted fabric such as basic knitting fabric (Siping, single-sided, etc.), multicolor irregular jacquard, skein and so on. Silk, silk, synthetic yarn, wool, acrylic, blended yarn and other raw materials, weaving sweaters, scarves, hats and clothing accessories.
Computer flat knitting machine, the product uses a digital, high-speed rotary, high roller motor, motor needle, color change, long pin technology, realizes the knitting needle, and pick out your needle hole, and other regular pattern knitting, knitting, knitting basic (Siping single etc.), irregular multi-color jacquard, twisted flower weft organization, and the performance is stable, efficiency is greatly improved.

Product specifications:

KS: displacement controlled by AC servo motor, move the needle range up to 2 inches, and with fine adjustment function

Probe alarm system: infrared probe alarm

Read needle signal: Advanced encoder read needle

Head function: extreme speed rotary triangle design to achieve efficient production

Coil density: stepper motor control, 24 segment density selection, using subdivision technology, adjustable range: 0 - 650 degrees, more accurate control of the length of clothing

Sari system computer program instructions, stepper motor control, 24 pull selection, adjustable range: 0-100;

Color changing system 2*6 yam in the side of 3 guide rails, can be in any position to switch yarn mouth bar

Protection system: automatic alarm when the machine has broken yarn, knot, floating yarn, rewind, end piece number, correced, firing pin, program error condition in the action process, and is provided with a safety self-locking protection device.

Weaving ability:

Needle distance: 7G, 12G, 14G, 16G

Weaving range: 52 (inch) and 72 (inch)

Weaving speed: 24 segment selection, the highest speed of 1.2m/s, the use of AC servo motor control, servo motor using precise feedback control and combined with high-speed computing ability

The digital signal processor (DSP) controls the IGBT to produce accurate current outputs

Knitting system: single machine head / single system

Function: knitting needle, hanging head, pick holes, jacquard, intarsia, Ming received needle, dark closed needle, and other regular pattern knitting

Machine size: 52 (inch)

Volume: length * width * height; 2350 x 800 * 2000

Net weight: About 600kg

36寸 毛衣横机

Control system:

The 1. screen uses LCD industrial display, touch screen graphical interface, transmission mode using USB and network, system memory up to 512M,

At the same time, 1000 flower type files can be stored at the same time, and can be used at any time according to production needs

2. monitor screen: can display all kinds of work parameters and the degree of knitting line value, and in the machine running at any time to adjust, to maximize the convenience of operation and save time

3. plate making system and control system (software part) upgrade is convenient, for free configuration

4. multi language operating version: support Chinese, English and other language versions, but also according to the needs of customers to set the required language

Network function: the network can accommodate more than 200 or more flat knitting machine, knitting data can be uploaded, downloaded and shared

Power supply: single phase 220V, using advanced GPS technology, memory and recovery function in the instant of power failure.




14G、5G 、6G 、7G、8G、9G、10G、11G、12G、14G G、15 G、16G、 3.5.7

Knitting width

36 ,52,66,72,80inch

Knitting system

Single carriage with three system; Single carriage with three system,Double carriage with single system.

Knitting function

Knit, miss, tuck, transfer, pointel , intarsia, jacquard, apparent or hide shaping and other regular or irregular patterns

Knitting speed

Controlled by servo-motor with 32 sections optional, max speed reach 1.5M/S


Controlled by servo-motor racking within 2 inches and with fine adjusting function

Stitch density

Controlled by stepping motor, 32 section stitch selectable adjustable scope supported by subdivision technology: 0-650, the stitch of the knitwear can be accurately controlled.


The transfer can is compose designed , single or double cam system all can transfer together or separately. Also one cam do transfer, another cam system for knitting, which will achieve high production.

Sinker system



controlled by stepping motor, adjustable to different knitwear, up to be various results of shaping and patterns.

Take-down system

Computer programs instruction, stepper motor control and 32-stagetension selection with an adjustable range between 0-100

comb device(C series)

Choose close U type compose needle hook, this special compose yarn hook with activity release theorem ,which will reliable to pick up yarn or release yarn .Zero waste yarn comb.

Color-changing system

2×8 yarn feeders at the single side of 4 guide rails, shiftable on any needle position.

Protection system

The machine will automatically alarm if yarn-breaking, knots, floating yarn, rewind, end of knitting, fail of racking, needle breakage, error programming occur, also set up the safety auto-lock protect device.

Control system

1. LCD industrial display, Can display various parameters, which can be adjustable during operation.

2. USB memory interface, System memory 1G and More than 2000 samples can be stored

3. Free design system is visual and easy to understand and software upgrade free of charge.


4.Support multi-language operation as Chinese and English, Spanish, Russian etc.

Network function

Has network interface, enable remote-monitoring via network, and connecting with ERP system.


Single-phase 220V/three-phase 380V,adopt advanced CMOS technology, having memorizing function at power shock stop. 800-1200w per unit

01-机器组成 拷贝


Adopting industrial LCD, graphic interface, color display. On working condition, parameters like weaving pieces, finished pieces, time, velocity, Roller, mesh number, yarn nozzle etc, could be all displayed clearly on the screen. When running, you can adjust parameters freely. This is the most convenient and time-saving device. All you need to do is just focusing on the fabric and inputting the command, and then all the parameters and pattern types could be changed.

Linear velocity of head can reach 1.5m/s. The stroke can be adjusted according the weaving width. Fast response, accurate location can avoid the invalid movement and increase the production efficiency. Each system is  equipped with five functions as stiching  transfer, weaving, hanging head, non-weave and pin. Also it can execute color changing via motor, This keeps good balance of routing. reliable, noiseless, etc.

The needle is full-insert type, that is, the insertion piece could be replaced when broken, which makes the marginal cost substantially lower.

High quality mountain plate, controlled  by step motor, the property is more stable.




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