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7 Reference Suggestions for Buying a Computerized flat knitting machine

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1. Machine head: The machine head is the running heart of the Computerized flat knitting machine. The needle selector, triangle, electromagnet and bobbin head parts are all used to drive the knitting needles to work. The core part of the machine head is the triangular bottom plate. If the triangular plate is used well, the lifting speed and the lifting frequency of the starting triangle can be increased, which can reduce the damage rate of the knitting needle, and also widen the adjustable range of fabric density, thereby improving the quality of fabric weaving. , so the machine head is a very important part, which needs to be considered when purchasing a Computerized flat knitting machine.

2. System:the computer system is the brain of the machine. The failure of the computer system will affect the output and quality of sweaters. The operation, pattern, speed and density of the Computerized flat knitting machine all need to be controlled by the computer system, so the selection of the computer system cannot be careless. .

3. Needle plate:the needle plate is the trunk of the Computerized flat knitting machine. The needle plate is limited by materials, heat treatment, craftsmanship and manufacturing technology. Therefore, the poor selection of the needle plate may cause rough fabric, wear of the plate and strike the needle, and may even cause problems. It will make the needle plate black and fester, so the purchase of the needle plate will directly affect the final knitting result.

computer controlled knitting machine

4. Knitting needle:knitting needle is a very important part of Computerized flat knitting machine, and the warp and weft knitting of yarn mainly depends on it.

5. Manufacturers:there are currently two types of companies that produce Computerized flat knitting machines, one is textile machinery and equipment manufacturers, and the other is mainly engaged in other businesses, selling Computerized flat knitting machines only as agents. When purchasing Computerized flat knitting machine, it is best to choose the first type of manufacturer. The second type of manufacturer does not have the ability to independently develop and produce Computerized flat knitting machine. After purchasing the machine, it will definitely not be able to provide good after-sales service.

6. Pattern-making software:there are many pattern-making software currently used in the market, and most of the pattern-making software functions are the same. When purchasing a Computerized flat knitting machine, you must choose a pattern-making flat knitting software that is used by many people, which has been tested by the market. Versioning software is a good versioning software.

7. Model:choose Computerized flat knitting machine To choose a suitable model, you must first understand the knitting characteristics of your own products, and consider whether the product is thick or thin. The system can do more patterns and high efficiency. If the knitting of the product requires fine needles, it must be considered in many aspects, such as single-sided or twisted fabrics, etc., the pattern does not need too much, and the pursuit of quantity, you can consider a single system. However, from the perspective of long-term development and practical interests, the dual system still has advantages.

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