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Automatic knitting machine common garment processing interlining

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Garment processing interlining mainly includes two kinds of interlining and padding.

The interlining of automatic knitting machine is mainly used for garment collar, cuffs, pocket, waist of skirt and pants, hem and chest of suit, etc. It generally contains hot melt adhesive coating, which is usually called adhesive lining. According to the different backing fabrics, bonded interlining is divided into spun and non-woven interlining. Spun backing fabric is woven or knitted fabric, non-woven backing fabric made of chemical fiber pressed. The quality of the fusible interlining is directly related to the quality of the garment.

Therefore, the purchase of knitting machine bonded interlining, not only the appearance of the requirements, but also to examine the performance of the parameters of the interlining fabric and garment quality requirements. For example: The heat shrinkage rate of the lining should be consistent with the fabric heat shrinkage rate as far as possible.

To have good sewability and cutability; to be able to firmly bond with the fabric at a lower temperature; to avoid high temperature pressing and ironing after the front of the fabric seepage glue; attached firmly and lasting, anti-aging and anti-washing. Padding, including shoulder pads, chest pads for upper garments, and hip pads for lower garments, etc., are thick and soft, and are generally not coated with glue.

When choosing clothing lining material should pay attention to.

1. Lining material should match the performance of the clothing fabric. Including the color of the lining, unit weight, thickness, drape and other aspects. Such as facecloth and other heavy fabrics should use thick lining, and silk fabrics and other thin fabrics with light silk lining, knitted fabrics are used with elastic knitting (warp knitting) lining; light-colored fabric padding color should not be deep; polyester fabrics should not use cotton lining, etc.

2. Lining material should match the function of different parts of the garment. Stiff lining material is mostly used in the collar and waist and other parts, and the chest lining of outerwear uses thicker lining material; flat-feeling lining material is generally used in the waist of skirts and pants and the cuffs of garments; stiff and elastic lining material should be used for neat and brace shape.

3. The lining material should match the service life of the garment, and the garment to be washed should choose a washable lining material, and consider the stability of the lining material's washing and ironing size; the lining material, such as shoulder pads, should consider the conformability to ensure that it is not deformed within a certain period of use.

4. The lining material should be matched with the equipment for garment production. Professional and matching processing equipment can give full play to the characteristics of the liner material to assist in modeling. Therefore, the purchase of materials, combined with the working parameters of the bonding and processing equipment, targeted selection, can play a role of half the effort.

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