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Computer Knitting Machine's presser foot technology

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On modern Computer Knitting Machines, the presser foot plays a very important role. The combination of presser foot technology and electronic control technology has greatly improved the knitting capacity of the machine, thus not only enriching the color of the product, but also improving the grade of the product.

1. The principle of presser foot knitting

The presser foot is a special pulling mechanism composed of a long narrow metal sheet or steel wire, which is installed on the corresponding position of each loop system of the triangle seat of the flat knitting machine and moves back and forth together with the triangle seat. When working, the presser foot is located just between the grid-like teeth of the two needle beds, below the tongue of the rising needle and above the old loops.

The presser foot has different cross-sectional shapes and its best working position is different, but generally it should be located at a number of stitches before the bending of the yarn before the starting point, i.e. before the bending section. The main function of the presser foot is to act on the top of the old coils just formed in the process of forming loops, to prevent these coils from rising together with the pointer that is receding from the loops, so as to achieve the purpose of pulling on the fabric, the way of pulling is concentrated pulling.

Computer Knitting Machines

2. Needle bed mouth cross-section and pressure foot shape on the impact of knitting fabric organization

Presser foot cross-section can have a variety of shapes, the most common for the round and rectangular cross-section of two.

Common flat knitting machine used in the needle bed mouth cross-section shape is inverted V-shaped, installed in the presser foot device in this flat knitting machine more round cross-section, this presser foot used to draw double-sided fabric, this presser foot can just fall on the positive and negative coil of the sinker arc, press the fabric to make it back to the circle, in order to achieve the purpose of drawing.

Needle bed cross-section of the two sides of the cross-section of the parallel machine, the presser foot installed on its more rectangular cross-section, mainly knitting flat needles and other single-sided organization. Tissue pulling is dependent on the presser foot and the needle bed downward pressure to form tension, so for the presser foot is always tilted downward with the direction of head movement from front to back.

If the needle bed cross-section shape is positive V, with a circular cross-section of the presser foot can be prepared double-sided fabrics or single-sided fabrics. If you increase the distance between the two needle beds, you can knit double-sided fabrics; if you reduce the distance between the two needle beds, you can knit single-sided fabrics. When knitting single-sided fabrics, the presser foot squeezes the fabric down along the cross-section of the needle bed mouth to make it recede from the loop.

On some Computer Knitting Machines, both the main and auxiliary presser feet are installed. The main presser foot is used to hold the old loops, while the auxiliary presser foot is used to draw or finish the loops.

3. Basic types of presser feet

There are many types of presser foot devices, but according to the characteristics of the work can be divided into two types, but to the presser foot and two-way presser foot.

One-way presser foot means that the presser foot enters the working state is one-way, so the same triangle system has two presser feet, these two presser feet alternately enter and exit the work when the head knitting back and forth, the presser foot enters and exits the work generally should be outside the knitting area outside the yarn guide parking area, in order to prevent its lift and collision with the yarn guide. The presser foot device of the double system Computer Knitting Machine produced by Feihu has 4 devices. After each traverse, the control system accepts the presser foot control signal, combines it with the synchronization signal obtained from the field, calculates the number of steps needed to rotate the presser foot control stepper motor, and gets a string of codes for driving the stepper motor, so that the presser foot control meets the process requirements.

Two-way presser foot means that the two ends of the same presser foot can work alternately when the machine head moves back and forth. Therefore, only one presser foot is needed for the same triangular system, and the presser foot enters into working condition in both directions. When the head moves from right to left, the pendulum swings to the left and the presser foot enters work, and vice versa, the pendulum swings to the right and the presser foot enters work. In this way, the presser foot can automatically change direction according to the change of the head movement, and is always in working condition.

Advantages of using presser foot knitting

On flat knitting machines with presser foot devices, the pulling of new loops is mainly carried out by the presser foot, which is a centralized pulling device and has the following working characteristics.

The presser foot is a centralized puller, and its working characteristics are: it can both move the needle and take off the needle, and it can also hold the needle. So that even if an organization needle off the old coil and is "empty needle", these off the old coil will not appear due to the pulling force "ladder off" phenomenon, and quit the work of holding the old coil pointer can participate in the work again when needed.

It is possible to move the loop to prevent needles and also to release empty needles, and to release as many needles as desired at one time.

Partial knitting is possible. In one organization, it is possible to partially unknit and partially knit, for example, multiple columns of set loops can be performed.

Empty needle starting. It is possible to knit a cross-section without a threading board.

These functions of the presser foot make the knitting ability of the flat knitting machine greatly improved, mainly in that, on the one hand, it can knit new patterns that cannot be knitted on ordinary flat knitting machines; on the other hand, it can be shaped or three-dimensional knitting.

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