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Computerized flat knitting machine-Several methods of anti-pilling finishing

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Several methods of anti-pilling finishing anti-pilling methods are more, before dyeing, dyeing methods such as changing the structure, composition and performance of fibers, changing the yarn spinning process and fabric structure, changing the dyeing and finishing process, etc., but we are generally accustomed to cloth and garments after bleaching and dyeing finishing, the methods are.

1, biological polishing (biological enzyme finishing)

Biological polishing is to improve the surface of cotton fabric finishing process with cellulase enzyme, in order to achieve a lasting anti-pilling effect, increase the fabric finish and softness. Biopolishing removes microscopic fibers protruding from the surface of the yarn, and the lint on the surface of the fabric is greatly reduced and becomes smooth without pilling. (Enzymatic hydrolysis and mechanical impact together remove the lint and fiber endings on the fabric surface, making the fabric organization clearer and brighter). Practice has proved that the effect of this method on reducing pilling is long-lasting, because the end of the fiber is removed rather than covered in the original place, but note that this method will have a certain loss of fabric strength and partial weight loss.

For cotton and polyester/cellulose fiber blends, cellulase is used; for wool or polyester/wool blends, suitable bioproteinase is used for polishing. So must strictly control the process conditions, otherwise it will cause enzyme inactivation or serious damage, serious weight loss, and large quantities of fabric is not very suitable (with cylinder difference), so some knitted fabric dyeing and finishing factory is reluctant to apply this method.

Computerized flat knitting machine

2、Light shrinkage method (mainly used for wool fabrics, such as wool sweaters, wool knitted products)

Wool sweater and other knitted products after light shrinkage, the roots of its wool fibers in the yarn felting, fibers entangled with each other, so enhance the friction coefficient between the fibers, so that the fibers are not easy to slip out of the yarn when suffering from friction, and thus the pilling phenomenon of wool sweater and other fabrics can be reduced. At present, the worsted wool sweaters and other fabrics are generally shrunken lightly to improve their anti-pilling effect. The process flow is: wool sweater infiltration - light shrinkage - cleaning - dehydration - drying.

3、Resin finishing method


Resin is a variety of polymers, the use of resin on the surface of the fiber cross-chain mesh film function, so that the surface of the fiber wrapped in a wear-resistant resin film, the resin film to reduce the slip of the fiber; at the same time, the fingers uniformly cross-chain cohesion in the surface layer of the yarn, so that the fiber end adheres to the yarn, friction is not easy to pilling, and thus can effectively improve the anti-pilling wool sweater.

②Selection of resin

The selected resin must have a large adhesive force with the fiber, and should also have a certain strength itself. After finishing, it should have a good elasticity and a smooth and non-sticky feel, and the bonding film should not affect the color fastness and luster of the dye. No irritation to human skin. No odor; tree refers to stable performance, easy to apply, reliable and inexpensive.

At present, the general resin (acrylic resin own cross-linked tree finger) can no longer meet the high requirements of customers on the fabric, because some anti-pilling agent (resin) there are hard feel after treatment, the strength of the decline in the treated light changes, some resin must also be high temperature baking and other problems. Foreign countries have been phased out, and gradually develop a new generation of anti-pilling agent, its main representative products for the polyurethane polymer and silicone resin, now these products have been produced in China, and has been used in the production of knitted products anti-pilling finishing.

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