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Computerized flat knitting machine What to do before work

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1. Check the machine: Loosen the locking knob on the driving force arm, push the machine head, and check whether the hand feel is blocked. Pull each operating handle to check whether it is normal, and see if the needle plate displacement is flexible and accurate.

2. Choose suitable threads. There are many types of flat knitting threads. Different gauges are generally suitable for yarns of different specifications. The gauges suitable for processing yarns should be selected.

Computerized flat knitting machine

3. Threading: After selecting a suitable wire, the wire must be wound into a tower or column shape and placed on the rack. Then pull out the thread end, thread it into the thread clamping frame and adjust the tension of the thread clamping clamp to clamp the yarn and not be pulled up by the lead spring. The thread goes through the yarn feeder again, enters the gap between the front and rear needle plates, and the thread end is wound on the flat knitting machine, and then the yarn guide is placed on the right side of the flat knitting machine.

4. When weaving with two-color thread, the yarn changer should be fixed on the slide rail on the right side of the weaving area, about 400MM from the weaving area, and two kinds of threads should be worn for backup.

5. According to the number of knitting needles of the fabric, put the corresponding needle holder in the appropriate position of the flat knitting machine and push the knitting needle used for knitting into the working position. The unused knitting needles should be withdrawn to the lowest position to not cause the needle to strike.

6. Open the needle starter triangle, then you can start knitting.

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