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Computerized flat knitting machine processing process

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Computerized flat knitting machine is a double needle board latch needle weft knitting loom. The cam device is like a set of flat cams, so the needles of the knitting needle can enter the cam groove. 

Moving the cam can force the knitting needle in the needle groove of the needle board. Make regular lifting movements, so the yarn can be knitted into knitted fabrics through the action of the hook and the needle tongue. When the knitting needle is ascending, the loop will gradually withdraw from the needle hook


Then the needle tongue is opened, and the withdrawal needle tongue is hung on the needle bar; when the knitting needle is lowered, the needle hook can easily hook the newly placed yarn, so that it can be stretched and bent into a loop, and the original loop The needle hook will be released, and the new loop will pass through the old loop and be connected in series with the old loop, and the many loops woven and knitted will therefore be connected to each other to form a knitted fabric.

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