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Computerized flat knitting machine tuck process

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The loop is one of the basic loop structures of knitted fabrics. It is a kind of organization formed by the old loops are not withdrawn or taken off, while the knitting needles continue to form loops, and the old and new loops are gathered together. There are two methods to make the tuck circle organization, one is the no-retraction method, and the other is the no-retraction method.

Computerized flat knitting machine The tuck is to push one of the flat knitting knitting machine or the two front and rear diagonal pressing needle triangles to a certain height. When the head drives the triangle to run, the knitting needle rises to the highest point, and then falls to the closed mouth. The stage is no longer falling. The loop closes the latch and hangs on the needle bar, at which point the needle catches the newly laid yarn. When the machine head runs in reverse to knit the fabric of the next course, the knitting needle can rise to the apex or drop to the lowest point under the action of the triangle, and the new yarn forms a hanging arc and then merges with the old stitch hanging on the needle bar. Together, they form a tuck after getting out of the circle together.

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The tuck-free flat knitting machine can form staggered tucks and parallel tucks. The flat knitting machine has a movable needle triangle, and the needle board is arranged with high-pin and low-pin. When the machine head is running for knitting, the triangle of the needle jack exits the height of the low needle, and the high needle can be lifted and continues to rise until the loop is withdrawn. The low-footed needle can only be raised to the point of the needle-raising triangle, and the upper plane of the rung triangle is advanced, and then lowered.

The needle hook also hooks the newly placed yarn. When the machine head knits the fabric of the next course, the withdrawn needle triangle returns to its original position, and the old loop hanging on the tongue of the lower needle hangs with the newly formed yarn. The arcs retreat together. The tuck is formed by taking off the loop. Because this kind of tuck is only formed on the low-pin needle, the tuck weave is arranged parallel to each other on the garment piece, so it is called a parallel tuck.

The operation of the staggered tuck is that there are two movable needle jacks on the flat knitting machine, and the high needle, low needle and high long latch are arranged on the needle board. When the upper and lower needle jacks exit the low needle height together, the The parallel tuck structure is produced. When the upper needle jack cam exits the working position alone, the knitting needle rises to the lower needle jack cam position. Because the latch of the long latch needle is long, the loop will hang on the latch after opening the latch and will not return the loop. After yarn, the old and new loops are gathered together to form a tuck.

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