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Knitted weft knitting three-dimensional spacing fabric principle and application

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Nowadays, fashion knitted fabrics have already broken through the application range of underwear and have been extended to a deeper and wider field, and can accomplish some functions and structures that cannot be achieved by other knitted fabrics. The structure of three-dimensional interval knitted fabric is like a sandwich, consisting of two independent surface layers and a middle connecting layer. automatic knitting machine can increase the gap between the two layers of fabric on the front and back when knitting into the connecting line, and knit a hollow double layer fabric. If the connecting thread is made of monofilament, such as polyester, polyamide or polypropylene with high bending stiffness, the two surface layers can be held up and separated, forming a spacer fabric with elasticity and thickness and storing more air.

Weft knitted air layer fabrics

Weaving can be done by adding fluffy yarns between the front and back layers of the fabric to produce quilted wadding. If equipped with computerized jacquard equipment, a high-grade quilted product can be knitted. With double-sided selective needle electronic jacquard knitting machine, it is possible to knit double-sided fabrics with jacquard effect on both sides, and to make full use of the performance characteristics of fiber materials, especially functional fiber materials. Sportswear fabrics produced by moisture-absorbing and moisture-conducting fibers combined with knitted sandwich structure can well realize the "microclimate" regulation between clothing and human body, and occupy a considerable share in the market of thermal underwear.

Weft knitted spacer fabrics

3D knitting technology can realize the multi-dimensional structure of fabric on weft knitting machine, so that it can be designed with different structure and function of the organization, such as giving the fabric breathability, moisture management and other properties, so that each layer of the fabric can play different functions, and no functional additives are used in the dyeing and finishing process. With the environmental protection standard control of each process, it can produce additive-free garment fabrics.

The structural characteristics of knitted spacer fabric and the characteristics of spacer yarn give the spacer fabric stable structure and unique physical properties, making it light, soft and comfortable, with good breathability and compression resistance, good heat preservation, washability and aging resistance, also able to absorb moisture and conduct moisture, shock absorption, and can be antibacterial finishing, flame retardant finishing, etc. Knitted spacer fabric for shoe lining, can be connected by two completely different properties of the surface fabric to form a unique fabric structure, with good compression elasticity, shock absorption and breathability and moisture permeability, as well as high thermal insulation and temperature regulation.

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