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The development and current situation of Computer Knitting Machine needles

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1. Development trend of knitting needle technology

1.1 Needles to higher precision direction

With the introduction and development of high-level, high-precision Computer Knitting Machine, and its supporting needles also to a higher degree of difficulty, higher precision requirements in the direction of development, high-speed warp knitting machine needles, Computer Knitting Machine needles, ultra-thin hosiery machine needles, such as the high manufacturing difficulty is unprecedented.

2. Needle manufacturing technology to technology-intensive transition

Traditional needle manufacturing mainly relies on the operator's skills, limited by the technical level of the workers factors, as poor repetition accuracy, low production efficiency, long manufacturing cycle, it is difficult to adapt to modern production needs. At present, a considerable part of the manufacturing technology of knitting needles in industrially developed countries has adopted computer design, computer technology to control multi-station processing, electrochemical polishing and surface plating treatment and other technical measures, greatly improving product quality and labor productivity.

3. Heat treatment to the direction of no oxidation, small deformation, toughness

Needle heat treatment process, the use of different materials, different process programs on the heat treatment of knitting needles research and testing, accumulating a large number of process parameters, for the development of the needle manufacturing industry has contributed.

4. Knitting needle material to the direction of high comprehensive performance and good specialization

With the development of high-precision, high-velocity needles, the traditional needle materials are difficult to meet the requirements, the development of good adaptability of the material has become one of the main work of most needle factory.

5. Needle manufacturing process management goals to standardization

Needle process standards to the international advanced level, including models

Computer Knitting Machine

Suggestions and measures

1. Research and development of key manufacturing equipment for knitting needles

Manufacturing equipment whether single machine or multi-station should use computer technology, milling groove knife speed should reach 3 kr / min or more, tongue punching pin using a joint process to ensure that the needle tongue in the knitting process with sufficient fastness.

2. Development of new finishing equipment and technology

Joint development with the institutions of special heat treatment furnace for knitting needles, suitable for different raw materials and ultra-thin knitting needle heat treatment, so that no oxidation, less deformation, toughness; promote the application of chemical polishing technology to reduce the wear and tear of knitting needles.

3 promotion of new tools, molds

Research and development of carbide milling cutter, milling groove cutter and computer shift circle needle with a variety of tools, especially for carbide material to analyze to ensure the quality, toughness and service life of the tool, to ensure consistent product geometry, product precision to 0.01 lnm.

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