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The influence of knitted fabric performance on garment design

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1. Stretchability

The stretchiness of knitted fabric can also be called elasticity.

Reasons: 1. transfer of loop column and loop arc in the loop. 2. fabric organization.

Disadvantages: Size stability is relatively poor, the size of the specification changes.

Advantages: the elasticity is used in the design of body-hugging garments, practice clothes and collars, cuffs, pants and other parts.

Countermeasures: It should be considered in the process of style, specification design, cutting, sewing and ironing. Such as pulling cloth, stitching, ironing can not be forceful to all around, etc. As well as the use of lining, gauze tape and other methods of reinforcement, to prevent stretching deformation and other processes.


After the yarn is broken or the coil loses the threading connection, the separation of the coil from the coil occurs, which is called dispersion.

In the style design and sewing process design, this performance should be fully considered, and take appropriate measures to prevent. Such as the use of overlock, stitching and other anti-dispersion stitches; or the use of rolled edges, rolled edges, leather ribbed edge

3 hooking and pilling, pilling

4、Shear resistance

5. Weft slope

When the vertical and horizontal rows of circular knitted fabrics are not perpendicular to each other, the phenomenon of weft slope is formed, and the products sewn with such blanks will be twisted and distorted after washing. The weft slant is mainly caused by the twist of the knitting yarn, and the phenomenon will be aggravated by multiple paths.

6. Process shrinkage

Knitted fabric in the sewing process, its length and width direction will occur a certain degree of shrinkage, the amount of shrinkage and the original garment length, width size ratio is called the sewing process shrinkage rate. The size of the shrinkage is related to the fabric structure, density, raw material type and fineness, dyeing and finishing methods. Process shrinkage is an important characteristic of knitted fabrics, and sewing process shrinkage is a process parameter that must be considered when designing a pattern.

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