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Transfer principle of automatic knitting machine

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Computer programs generally control automatic knitting machines with transfer functions, mainly using cotton, linen, silk, wool, and polyester and blended as raw materials for automatic knitting of sweaters and clothing accessories.

It has automatic six-color yarn change, automatic adjustment of fabric density, automatic control of high and low heel knitting needles for knitting, tucking, and non-knitting transfer, automatic needle bed shift, automatic winding and pulling, automatic piece counting, automatic stop and break of coarse knots Yarn automatic stop and other functions. This model mainly includes the following parts: frame, body, nose triangle, transmission parts, bed moving parts, pulling parts, yarn feeding parts, and computer control parts.

automatic knitting machine

The needle groove of the automatic knitting machine has built-in upper knitting needles and lower stitches with spring sheets. The butts of the upper knitting needles and the lower stitches are divided into high and low heels, and the knitting triangle part is divided into the knitting area and turning needle area...

The active cam in the knitting area is generally controlled by the program to realize the functions of knitting, tucking automatically, and non-knitting of high and low-heel knitting needles. The needle turning area is to change the needle trajectory of the knitting needle to realize the turning needle function of the front plate coil turning over the back plate or the back plate loop turning over the front plate. This process does not need a needle selector but uses an electromagnet to control the movement—Triangle action. The working state of the active triangle is determined by the position of the lever behind the bottom plate of the triangle. The middle part of the lever is fixed on the triangular seat through the lever shaft and can rotate around the lever shaft. A cover plate and a guide shaft are fixed on one plane of the active triangle. A lever pin is fixed on the guide shaft. The spring is sleeved on the guide shaft and placed between the cover plate and the triangle seat. When assembling, ensure that the guide shaft can be in the triangle seat. Flexible up and down movement in the guide sliding hole.

Under the action of the spring force, the active triangle is in the lowest working position. One end of the lever is in contact with the lever pin, and the other end is opposite the two electromagnet cores. The height of the electromagnet is adjusted through the hole position of the electromagnet seat. The position of the rod is different so that the active triangle is in a high working state or exits the working state. In addition, when the knitting needle is working in the knitting area, the active triangle of the turning needle area is out of the working state.

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