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Various spinning processes on the Collar Knitting Machine

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To obtain the influence of the spinning process of the Collar Knitting Machine on the yarn structure, we used 3dtex and 38 mm viscose staple fibers in 5 different spinning process systems for trial spinning. The 5 spinning processes are traditional ring spinning, compact ring spinning, twin nozzle (MTS) phantom wrapping, vortex spinning (VMS), and rotor spinning.

The external structure of the yarn mentioned above can generally be seen on the camera of the scanning electron microscope. The external fiber orientation of the yarn is produced by the five processes, in which more fibers are formed in the external structure of the compact ring yarn. Yarn, in almost all fiber-formed yarn bodies, improved short-fiber yarns, the twist structure of the yarn is seen, and one end of the fiber is twisted into the yarn body along the length of the yarn, and the orientation of compact ring-spun yarns is the best.


In traditional ring spinning, under the same twist conditions, the surface of traditional ring spinning is disordered, a large number of fiber tail ends are not twisted into the yarn body, and a single fiber extends out of the yarn body, which is caused by the ring traveler and the yarn guide.

Vortex spinning is similar to ring spinning. The fibers are well arranged in the yarn body, the spinning speed is 350/min, and the wrapped fibers are in a fine spiral shape. The twist is the same as the ring yarn, and the yarn's actual twist and calculated twist are the same. The ratio of the wrapping fiber to the untwisted core fiber is very high, and almost all the core fibers are covered, so the appearance of the eddy yarn is similar to that of the ring yarn and the outer wrapping will be similar to the untwisted core fiber. Together to form an authentic twist.

The double-nozzle false-twist yarn and the vortex yarn are essentially different. The wrapping fibers of the double-nozzle air-jet yarn only account for 6% to 8% of the total fibers, and about 90% of the fibers are stretched and twistless so that they can be seen. The wrapping fiber is more tightly wrapped to the yarn core than the eddy.

Regardless of whether the rotor yarn belongs to the category of authentic twist, the rotor yarn fibers are disordered. The fibers in the middle of the yarn show no precise spiral shape in the Z and S directions, and the fibers are straight. Therefore, it can be seen that the wrapped yarn is free of tangles, which is the advantage of the rotor yarn and the basis of the characteristics of the rotor yarn.

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