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Ways to improve the quality of Computer Knitting Machine sizing

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Pulp spot is one of the larger defects affecting the quality of the fabric, which can cause head breakage, spider webs, head of the board by shrinking defects, it causes the sizing yarn or Computer Knitting Machine head breakage increased and the quality of the cotton fabric decreased, how to solve the pulp spot, improve the quality of the fabric, reduce the opening cut defects, has been around to improve the quality of sizing yarn one of the topics of research.

There are many factors that affect the sizing defects, including raw yarn quality, sizing quality, sizing equipment and sizing formula, sizing process, production operation management and sizing equipment. Now, after analyzing the causes, we have found out the main reasons for the sizing spot, and through the corresponding preventive measures, we have controlled the sizing spot well.

Computer Knitting Machine

1. Analysis of the causes of various sizing spots

The slurry spot is formed when the slurry block is pressed on the Computer Knitting Machine yarn, which is in the form of horizontal slurry spot, block slurry spot, irregular dot slurry spot, and flaky slurry spot that does not damage the fabric tissue.

The analysis is mainly from the viewpoint of equipment, process, operation and management. For the pulp spot defects, we adopted the method of axis-by-axis record and sample fabric analysis to follow up and investigate, and found that the workshop pulp spot defects are mainly in the first axis of the machine and the first axis of the cold car.

1.1. Cross-strip sizing defects

Mainly the sizing yarn in the upper and lower axis, the warp speed is very slow, the parking time is too long, the pulp condenses in the upper sizing area. Then the pulp containing solids will be pressed into the yarn layer by the pulp roller, so that the yarn moisture absorption rate has a sudden increase, the yarn is easy to produce horizontal pulp spot, and with the increase in warp density, the pulp concentration increases, the more obvious the horizontal pulp spot, and in serious cases will also cause pulp spot defects. What's more, after the increase of this kind of transverse pulp absorption, and then dried by the drying room, there will be obvious phenomenon of pulp bias on the yarn, the sense and feel will feel rough, and even destroy the fabric tissue. Transverse pulp spot is easy to cause and twist, inverted guillotine.

1.2. Block pulp spot

Pulp skin in the pulp, pulp block stained in the yarn by the press after the formation of dispersion block pulp spot, block pulp spot has two forms, one is a serious damage to the fabric tissue regular irregular block size between 3 ~ 4cm, the other is the size varies, the diameter of about 1 ~ 10cm between the block pulp spot.

1.2.1. mainly after the machine pulp pot is not complete

Before the second drive the pulp adheres to the pulp pot around the fish scale tube to form a pulp block, the second is the drive process pulp pot pulp circulation is not smooth, around or local pulp skin, this uneven pulp block or pulp skin, into the normal pulp, can not be fully mixed with fresh pulp, and then by the pulp roller extrusion adheres to the yarn to form a local sizing seriously over the standard, after drying seriously affects the separation of twisted, weaving axis to form yarn, cloth on the destruction of Tissue.

1.2.2. The vapor pressure is not stable, the pulp temperature is too high, the boiling pulp splashes onto the yarn piece after pressing, and the pulp block splashed onto the yarn forms a pulp spot.

1.2.3. Various irregular pulp spots

1.3. Irregular spot

Mainly during the driving process, the pulp pot steam is opened too much, and the pulp boils and splashes onto the yarn surface to form dotted uneven pulp spots.

1.4. Pieces of pulp spot without destroying the fabric tissue

The main reason for the uneven formation is the uneven steam discharge from the fish scale tube of the slurry pot or the over supply of slurry, the temperature of slurry in the slurry pot is not uniform and the viscosity is not uniform.

In Computer Knitting Machine, the yarns at the pulp spot are bonded to each other and will break off when passing through the warp stopper, and the pulp spot will appear on the finished cloth, which will affect the cleanliness, beauty and flatness of the cloth.

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