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What is the needle selection technology of a Computerized flat knitting machine?

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What is the needle selection device of a knitting machine?

Let the computerized knitting machines manufacturer tell you today that the needle selection devices of knitting machines can generally be divided into mechanical and electronic, and mechanical can be divided into contact and non-contact in detail.

1. The contact type generally refers to the needle selection. The needle selection machine directly acts on the needle butt, such as multi-needle track changing triangle and jacquard needle selection.

2. The non-contact needle selection mechanism is mainly transmitted through the various parts of the needle selection mechanism. It then acts on knitting, such as pusher type, paddle type, drum type, etc. The electronic needle selection mechanism generally has a single stage. and multistage.

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The application of flat knitting machines using electronic technology generally began in the early 1970s. After entering the 1980s, the application of this kind of machinery became more extensive. This application is now mainly reflected in: electronic needle selection technology, electronic program control, and pattern Prepare the system. These are the indispensable auxiliary parts of a Computerized flat knitting machine, which can help a Computerized flat knitting machine to realize automation from product design to garment knitting.

The single-stage electronic needle selector has the advantages of short needle selection, few needle selection parts, and minor wear. Still, it has high requirements for the machining accuracy and clearance fit of the parts. At present, the mainstream Computerized flat knitting machine generally adopts an eight-stage electromagnetic needle selection mechanism. The needle selector receives the electrical pulse signal from the computer controller through the interface and cable, so there is no need for a mechanical drive.

Each level of the needle selection blade is controlled by the same level of the electromagnetic force sensor, swinging up and down to achieve single needle selection. The tissue size is not limited, and more consistent accuracy can be achieved across the entire knitting width. Most of the domestic equipment installs two-needle selectors in one loop forming system for secondary needle selection to achieve the purpose of the triple position. To ensure that the electronic needle selection knitting machine can knit the required pattern smoothly, it needs to be matched with parts such as pattern design, information storage, signal detection, and control.

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