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  • Q What are the advantages of my intelligent computerized flat knitting machine?

    A A. Small carriage,can return fast,improved work efficiency.
    B.  The cam structure optimization,used the motor model,greatly improved the speed of needle transfer Cooperating .
    C.Needle bed adopts the milling flute method with simple structure,it can sustain high efficiency working after heat treatment.
  • Q About after-sales service?

    A After-sales support online, engineers can be dispatched and  free machine operation training & pattern-designing training as soon as you buy our machine now.
  • Q What products can the machine do?

    A Vamps,sweaters, hats, scarves, collars,  blankets, etc.

  • Q What type of machine we have?

    A We have single system, double system, triple system, all models of computerized flat knitting machines, the size includes 36-100 inches

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