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  • Automatic knitting machine common garment processing interlining


    Garment processing interlining mainly includes two kinds of interlining and padding.The interlining of automatic knitting machine is mainly used for garment collar, cuffs, pocket, waist of skirt and pants, hem and chest of suit, etc. It generally contains hot melt adhesive coating, which is usually Read More

  • What are the knitting machinery and equipment


    Knitting machinery and equipmentMainly includes knitting flat knitting machine, knitting sock machine, warp knitting machine, Computerized flat knitting machine, Collar Knitting Machine, Shoes Upper Knitting Machine and circular knitting machine. Knitting machine is mainly used for the production of Read More

  • Knitted weft knitting three-dimensional spacing fabric principle and application


    Nowadays, fashion knitted fabrics have already broken through the application range of underwear and have been extended to a deeper and wider field, and can accomplish some functions and structures that cannot be achieved by other knitted fabrics. The structure of three-dimensional interval knitted Read More

  • Computer Knitting Machine's presser foot technology


    On modern Computer Knitting Machines, the presser foot plays a very important role. The combination of presser foot technology and electronic control technology has greatly improved the knitting capacity of the machine, thus not only enriching the color of the product, but also improving the grade o Read More

  • Ways to improve the quality of Computer Knitting Machine sizing


     Pulp spot is one of the larger defects affecting the quality of the fabric, which can cause head breakage, spider webs, head of the board by shrinking defects, it causes the sizing yarn or Computer Knitting Machine head breakage increased and the quality of the cotton fabric decreased, how to solve Read More

  • The development and current situation of Computer Knitting Machine needles


    1. Development trend of knitting needle technology1.1 Needles to higher precision directionWith the introduction and development of high-level, high-precision Computer Knitting Machine, and its supporting needles also to a higher degree of difficulty, higher precision requirements in the direction o Read More

  • The influence of knitted fabric performance on garment design


    The influence of knitted fabric performance on garment design1. StretchabilityThe stretchiness of knitted fabric can also be called elasticity.Reasons: 1. transfer of loop column and loop arc in the loop. 2. fabric organization.Disadvantages: Size stability is relatively poor, the size of the specif Read More

  • The characteristics and role of ribbed fabric in computerized flat knitting machine


    Ribbed fabric is a common fabric in life, but many people still do not know much about this fabric, the following I will give you a brief introduction to the characteristics and role of this fabric, so that you can better understand this fabric.Ribbed knitted fabric is formed by a yarn in turn in th Read More

  • Computerized flat knitting machine-Several methods of anti-pilling finishing


    Several methods of anti-pilling finishing anti-pilling methods are more, before dyeing, dyeing methods such as changing the structure, composition and performance of fibers, changing the yarn spinning process and fabric structure, changing the dyeing and finishing process, etc., but we are generally Read More

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