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Sweater Knitting Machine

These are related to the Sweater Knitting Machine news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in Sweater Knitting Machine and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand Sweater Knitting Machine market.
  • The influence of knitted fabric performance on garment design


    The influence of knitted fabric performance on garment design1. StretchabilityThe stretchiness of knitted fabric can also be called elasticity.Reasons: 1. transfer of loop column and loop arc in the loop. 2. fabric organization.Disadvantages: Size stability is relatively poor, the size of the specif Read More

  • Presser foot technology for computerized knitting machines


    On modern computerized knitting machines, the function of the presser foot is essential because the combination of presser foot technology and electronic control technology dramatically improves the knitting ability of the flat knitting machine, which not only enriches the design and color of the pr Read More

  • Main body of Sweater Knitting Machine


    1. Looping mechanism: The looping mechanism of the Sweater Knitting Machine is generally a mechanism that bends the yarn to form a coil, and makes the coils interlock with each other to form a knitted fabric. The main parts are knitting needles, sinkers, cam devices and yarn guide devices, etc. Thes Read More

  • Talk about the advantages of Sweater Knitting Machine in lubrication and dust removal


    The main technical specifications of Sweater Knitting Machine include model, machine size, needle bed width, number of needle beds, number of combs, rotation speed, etc. The following will explain its advantages in lubrication and dust removal:1. Dedicated oil mist fuel injector: This is a component Read More

  • How Sweater Knitting Machine Chooses Specs


    The selection specifications of Sweater Knitting Machine generally need to consider the following two aspects: needle type and needle width. 1. The choice of needle type: Generally speaking, the higher the needle type, the finer the yarn suitable for processing will be, and the thinner the fabric w Read More

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